Online Sailing Training

Our Approach

Georgian Bay Sailing Coach works with NauticEd to provide the best training materials available. The knowledge-theory training is online, which you can complete on your schedule and in the comfort of your home. Knowledge-theory testing is online as well, and you can retake tests as many times as needed (goal is learning, not pass/fail). This approach saves time as well as increases retention.

After completing the online courses, we train and assess on-water on our boat or yours. This allows us to focus 100% of our sailing time on skills and experience – applying the knowledge-theory in diverse on-water situations. Also, it’s simply fun to spend more time sailing!

NauticEd is the new standard and international leader in the sailing education world. With clear, concise and thoroughly up to date course materials and tests, NauticEd leaves the other institutions behind in its wake. The practical classroom is rigorous, and teaches skills and techniques that these other courses do not.

NauticEd’s clear and easy to understand materials teach you the theory and practical elements of sailing, and help you manage the systems on modern yachts, prepare your boat and crew for sea, feed and keep them safe in a multiplicity of conditions. NauticEd is the Gold Standard!

NauticEd’s syllabus is set up in such a way that you actually learn and retain the information. You have as long as you need to take the tests, and are able to repeat them if necessary, and as time goes by, you may revisit your courses and tests at no additional cost to reinforce your learning.

Here’s how it works

The knowledge-theory portion is done online at your own pace and in the comfort of your home and before on-water training. Simply take the tests for each certification (Rank) level desired; beginning with the Skipper Certification Course and the additional courses leading to Bareboat Master Certification.  You can buy them one at a time or as a bundle to save money. Courses are listed and linked below (note prices may have change from the below as of Jan 2022).

Signing up for NauticEd is FREE, and you receive the 2 free courses Basic Sail Trim Clinic and Navigation Rules Clinic (both recommended), a free eLogbook and free online sailing resume. Sign up here >

*NOTE: All online theory courses are in US dollars.

Skipper Rank Courses:

Skipper Course Bundle ($95), which includes 2 courses:

Bareboat Charter Master Rank Courses:

Bareboat Charter Master Bundle ($175), which includes 6 courses:

These six online courses take approximately 40 hours to complete. All five courses must be passed before taking the NauticEd Verified Proficiency Certification for Bareboat Charter Master.

For on-water practical training, you can choose to train with any or all the modules on-the-water or even challenge the Certifications as an “assessment”.

This is not a guaranteed pass situation, it actually requires you understand the course material, and you must be able to apply this newfound knowledge during the “NauticEd Verified Competency Assessment” scheduled on our boat. The online log book gradually qualifies you as you enter your sailing/on water time. Over time logged afloat, you reach the thresholds of experience necessary to become a truly competent sailor. All of this is documented in a manner that is accessible to you and to the companies from whom you wish to charter.

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